Crimehouse Disc Three Clips and episode 13-17 descriptions

Episode Title: Osoba

Episode Type: Relevant

The episode "Osoba" is named after the Czech word for man, as in mankind. Lawley and Sean have since left the hospital after what happened on Lawley's birthday. Lawley had been communicating with this mysterious person named "Aleph" via post-it notes placed outside of his window for some time now (had recieved his first note in the episode Rabbit Girls: Part Two), and had finally wrote a note saying how much he wanted to meet them. Aleph was overjoyed that Lawley wanted to finally meet as well, but seemed precautious about being seen by other people. After a week of planning, Aleph decided that they must meet each other in the barley fields in the north where they wouldn't be seen. Lawley should have been cautious about seeing a stranger ALONE, but so much had happened to him already that he hardly cared about his life at all at this point. Eventually, Lawley snuck out to the barley fields on his bike (not allowed to leave his house without a wheelchair attendant) and, after wandering in the fields for a long time, came face to face with an extremely large, both vertically and horizontally, seal-like, multicolored creature.

For the first time in 19 years, Lawley and Aleph had finally seen each other again (Lawley had seen Aleph as a very small infant because Aleph was literally his surrogate but of course he never remembered). It was a very dramatic experience for both of them.

Aleph then plucked a few Santa Claus mellons from the fields next to the barley, and then the two of them sat in a nearby wooden hunting blind to avoid being seen by passing lumber trucks. She explained to Lawley that she was his surrogate many years ago, and had disguised him as a human so he could live with a human family. Of course this made a lot of sense to Lawley, since his grandmother Lád'a would tell him that he had cornets and a tail that looked just like the ones Aleph had. Aleph then explained to him that she chose to place him within this human family, the Hweizdas, because they had a high understanding of the magic of Hebrew because they believed, all the way back in the 1700s, that Baruška and Barunka was a sign of the Aleph. She said that by giving this enlightened family a drop of the seed of the consonants, they would treat Lawley like a new messiah who would bring peace and balance to the world that had been forgotten since 5th centry BC. Lawley found this part of the story unbelievable, since he knew he was a wimp who worked a middle ability job in Nebraska. Aleph insisted that this is true, and the only reason it never worked out was because Rayna and Lád'a were too caught up in a blood feud over the Hweizda rabbit farm to really notice anything special about Lawley. This struck a painful chord in him, since his mother has since passed, and what he could have been seemed so much more profound and meaningful than what he was at that moment.

Aleph noticed his hung look and gave Lawley the second part of the news. She said that Lawley had 26 Channel One, days, which, given each day in Channel One is about 16.5 hours long (between Uranus and Neptune), gives Lawley roughly 18 earth days, to prove he should stay on earth. He must deliver himself to Kether (crown) of the Sefirot and testify. If failed, the Consonants will take him back, and he will never return to earth again.

Episode Title: The Highway Coyotes

Episode Type: Relevant

When Lawley is finally permitted to leave his house unattended, Sean immediately jumps on the opportunity to take him on another awful road trip. This time, they are going out to north eastern Colorado. Sean tells Lawley that he has been talking to some guy named Diego on Talkomatic, one of the first internet chatting sites, and he wanted Sean and Lawley to visit him out in the west. This guy was part of the Child Sinkhole (around the same time Sean was) and had since gathered 4 other members (also former members from around the same time) and formed a coalition to expose the crimes of Document Highway. This coalition was called the "Salvation of The Sinkhole Children", but had the screen name of "Highway Coyotes" on Talkomatic. Eventually, Sean and Lawley made it to their RV after following latitude and longitude coordinates, which had led them out into the cold, icy deserts of Colorado in December. Lawley was immediately uncomfortable for reasons he couldn't quite express openly for fear of repercussions. Their RV was littered with remnants of beer and pills, and one of the Highway Coyotes was visibly on heroin. He was about the size of Lawley, maybe taller if he had shoes on, and his hair was falling out and his eyes were bulging out of his head like someone had shot him in the chest with a gun. There were ulcers all over his body and his arm had an ulcer so large his arm actually split open.

After a while of talking, Lawley had been sent outside because Sean wanted to quickly talk to the Highway Coyotes. Outside, Lawley had walked maybe 200 yds away from the RV before meeting Simcha, the bobcat he had housed for a while in Nebraska, at his feet. Simcha this time spoke out in English- which did not frighten Lawley at all. He hardly found it surprising either, which was probably a factor of him not valuing his life at all at this point. Simcha revealed to Lawley that the Highway Coyotes were making fun of him.

Suddenly a Highway Coyote member, the heroin riddled one, stepped outside and said that Diego wanted them to leave now in order to make it to the farthest power plant in time. Lawley, already terrified of what the Highway Coyotes would do to him if they didn't get their way, waited in obediant silence as the Highway Coyote, whos name was Kang, rifled a tool-set and a tarp that had been sewn into a sort-of duffle bag into the car. Lawley stood, watching Kang, next to two propane tanks stacked on top of each other, which upon closer inspection, had been painted to represent some sort of bunny rabbit. The piece then began saying, "C₃H₈", over and over again in highly erratic patterns. Lawley did not really pay any mind to them, for he felt it was such a meaningless conversation.

Instead of letting him get in himself, Kang pushed Lawley into the car before getting into the driver's seat. Kang's speaking was scattered and isolated, so it was very hard to follow what exactly they were going to at the power plant. They drove for roughly 45 minutes while the others finished the movie. When the film was over, Diego brought Sean over to the two propane tanks Lawley had been talking to. These two propane tanks were revealed to be a memorial for the kid Sean killed in the Child Sinkhole in 1997 whos name was "Amen". Diego told him that Amen was only 13 years old when he died, that he liked rabbits, and was just, in general, a whole lot like Lawley, which made Sean grow terribly nauseous. Of course this made him wonder about Lawley's whereabouts. Diego said that he was with Kang, and that he sent the two off early in order to make it to the furthest power plant so that all of the bombings were synchronous in operation. Naturally Sean's condition worsened, and he immediately began to panic and question the logic behind sending Lawley off to drive with a heroin addict. Diego insisted Lawley was safe, although obviously not, and Sean and Diego began loading their truck full of explosives, while Yul, Eric, and Joshua followed.

Meanwhile, in Kang's car, Lawley had eventually pieced together the large shears, dynamite, and blow torch and realised he was riding with a group of terrorists. The realization struck him very hard, as he tried to hit Kang from where he was sitting in the back of his seat, but the speed of the car wouldn't let the seatbelts loose. Giving up, Lawley told Kang the proper way to have a revolution, given what they had in the car with them, was to engage in autocremation, which references Velvet Revolution in Lawley's home country of the Czech Republic.

Lawley and Kang arrived at the power plant, which was near Sterling, Colorado. Kang tied the tarp (which had the dynamite in it) around Lawley's back and sent him up the latter to place each "piece" in its designated area. Each stick of dynamite was 8 inches long, and were all connected at a common fuse, which Kang had been reeling out to Lawley as he scaled the building. Once Lawley had finished placing the explosives, he was at the other side of the power plant. He did not trust Kang enough to wait until he was out of the building to light the fuse, so he jumped the fence and ran a long distance around the side before reaching the front again. At the front of the power plant, Kang held the blowtorch to his head and pulled it, standing on fire for a moment before falling dead. He had died of both an overdosage and from the open blowtorch, and there was a lizard eating his open arm on the side that hadn't been completely engulfed by the flames. Kang engaged in an autocremation like Lawley had said.

What lied next for Lawley was completely unknown. He could directly light the fuse and complete what he was sent out there for, but Kang's sudden death also offered the possibly that he didn't have to blow up the power plant. Lawley left Kang there and took the car back to Mikasi. He heard on the radio on his way back that three nearby power plants had been blown up, and the CIA was getting involved. The third power plant Lawley had been at was blown up by accident because Kang's burning body lit the fuse (that was near his head). Before coming back to his house, Lawley made Kang's car drive itself off the same cliff of the abandoned quarry that Sean had done with Denver's car.

Episode Title: Emasculate Me

Episode Type: Relevant

After making it home from Colorado, Lawley lived in complete quietness. Daisy was in Florida, Evan was legally restrained and in rehab, and Sean was nowhere to be found. Lawley wasn't even sure if he was alive, or detained by the federal military. It was always quiet after Rayna died, and Lád'a or the rest of his family never wrote to him. He had Baruška and Barunka, but Lawley asked them to leave him alone for a long time. The only communication Aleph did with Lawley was by placing post-its on his window that counted down from 26, the deadline given to him in the episode Osoba, although the notes were mostly for herself. She was very eager to take Lawley back with her to Channel One. One cold Sunday, Lawley recieved a visitor. Partially wishing it was Sean for some strange reason, he answered. His house appears exactly like it did in his diary. At the door stood Sandy Kubicek, Lawley's boss. Sandy had a letter in her hand. The first thing she said to Lawley was, "Does your mom open your mail?". Lawley nodded, because Rayna did when she was still alive, and Sandy suggested Lawley take the letter right away. Lawley took the letter and Sandy asked if she could read it with him, to which Lawley allowed. In the living room, Lawley opened up the letter, which had been a termination letter. Lawley had been fired from the Saint Sebastian Therapy oragnization due to having relations with one of his patients - who was Sean. It was so deeply awkward for Sandy as she watched Lawley start to cry. Never had she seen someone cry that hard - and it hurt her terribly. Lawley cried and cried, even after he was offered liquor from Sandy's purse. Sandy left, partially because she had to and partially because she had nothing else to give Lawley. It was the rest of the day that he spent crying.

When Lawley goes out that night, he notices there was a sinkhole behind his house.

Episode Title: Pinkie/I Love You

Episode Type: Relevant, multipart

Sean came in through the pullout ladder at Lawley's window in the middle of the night. He had stepped on Lawley very hard, waking him.

Sean was overjoyed and exclaimed that he thought Kang sold him for drug money. It was Lawley though, who was not so overjoyed. He refused to hug Sean, even though it was amazing to see him alive.

Sean explained that after the power plants were bombed, the Highway Coyotes retreated back to their RV after hitting up a few storage units and a steel mill with military IEDs on their way back. They had been waiting for Kang and Lawley for almost a week when the federal military suddenly surrounded the vehicle and flashbanged it, killing all of the Highway Coyotes except for Sean, who had survived only because he had been grabbing water from the outside root cellar when it happened.

Sean really tried to hold Lawley out of relief, but Lawley couldn't let him. He was too confused to speak or do anything besides stare back at this figure in the dark and push it away when it got too close. It was hard to dig into all of the wounds again. The only thing Lawley told Sean was that he had been fired from his job because of him.

Suddenly there was an extremely colosal crackling sound coming from the canary island pine outside of Lawley's window. Aleph scurried down the tree, shaking it with her tremendous weight and fast movements. She saw Lawley and told him he needed to come to the Kether immediately.

There was absolutely no use in explaining, but Lawley tried anyways. He told Sean that his birth mother was trying to take him back, and that he had to go through a legal proceedure- And that he needs Sean to help him testify in this court.

The stories of Lawley having cornets and a tail as a baby, the voices Lawley claimed he heard from the Baruška and Barunka naos, his strange orchid genitalia, and myriad of nipples all seemed to come together and paint a rather otherworldly picture. Sean realized then that Lawley was not human. Sean agreed to come to his trial, it wouldnt be his last after all.

Episode Title: Turn The Channel Its Another Commercial

Episode Type: Relevant multipart

Sean and Lawley laid down in the basement in their underwear, holding brass and copper coins on their shoulders and thighs. They held eachother tightly as if keeping air out from between them. Their bed turned into a basket, and they floated through the stars and the tributary and into the right bank of Channel One.