The Disappearing American Family

On April 15th, 1995, Sean's parents passed away in a glass studio. Every window of their house had been glass they had colored and cut, and it was beautiful. It was so beautiful.

Later in 1995, Denver was called from his home in South Dakota by the state court of Nebraska, ordering him to come down to Mikasi immediately. There, he took custody of Sean for roughly two years.

But every day for those two years, Denver would take Sean in his Chevy and drive an hour down Document Highway to an illegal child fighting ring in the woods called The Child Sinkhole.

It had been their only source of income; Denver being unemployed, and Sean, too unmanageable for most jobs. Denver dealt with Sean leniently due to his succsess in the Sinkhole, up until 1997.

Sean broke the only rule The Child Sinkhole had,

using your teeth.

Denver saw Sean as a threat to him, and took what remained of his belongings and disappeared to Wisconsin. Sean had been alone in Nebraska to mast in the forever glowing stained glass windows of his home for four years, sleuthing over a computer, for Denver's records; keeping track of him and his private life more than he tracked the days that slipped away from him.

Amen of 1997