Lawley's brain speaks in the laws of Gestalt

Lád'a Hweizda- Law of Common Region

Lád'a Hweizda is Lawley's grandmother. She is seen as a discolored tan rabbit. The reason she is a tan rabbit is because she owned the Hweizda rabbit farm before Rayna did, and as a child, Lawley thought she had given birth to all of the rabbits. She represents the law of common region because since she is so close with the rabbits, Lawley considers her to be a rabbit as well. Her strange discoloration is due to her wicked additude towards Lawley, which caused her to think of her as a "rotten" person.

Inna Benkowski- Law of Closure

Inna Benkowski is Lawley's receptionist at the Saint Sebastian therapy organization. She is very bossy towards Lawley, who is too scared to look at her in the eyes. Lawley often stares down at something when talking to her. Due to the law of closure, he pieces together what he thinks Inna's face looks like- a strange, fuzzy, hashed face, while her hands and feet and lower body are all very human like because those are the only parts of Inna Lawley can look at without feeling uncomfortable.

Denver Fay- Law of Similarity

Denver Fay is Sean Fay's cousin.

Simcha- Law of Invariance

Simcha was Lawley's pet bobcat before he had to set her free. Although not initially experiencing any sort of unusual events with her when Lawley first had her as a pet, Simcha eventually returns in the desert in Colorado where the Highway Coyotes live, and speaks to Lawley in english. Due to the law of invariance, he was able to recognize her.

Amen- Law of Continuity

Amen is the grave for the boy Sean had killed in the Child Sinkhole in 1997. Amen is made out of two poorly painted propane tanks, dull knives, and a few pipes. Amen can't seem to form full conversations with Lawley the way most other things can, and is only able to repeat "C₃H₈", the chemical formula of propane, over and over again.