Name: Tanaruz Kohen

Age: 22

Gender: Female, Cis, She/her

Birthday: 9 January, 1979

Chinese Zodiac: Goat

Species: Human

Nationality: Maghrabi-Native American

Born in: Jackson, Mississippi

Lives in: Mikasi, Nebraska

Relatives: Aaron Kohen (stepfather), Hannah Kohen (mother), Inna Benkowski (cousin)

Languages: English

Disabilities: ADHD, clinical psychopathy

Tanaruz is Lawley’s oldest patient, recommended to the therapy organization at Saint Sebastian Bank by her uncle, who is Inna’s father. Tanaruz has terrible ADHD, and can't focus during any of her sessions with Lawley, which causes a gaping roadblock in any progress that could ever be made with her. Tanaruz works at an adult store called The Atomic Weasel, and very politically active.

Likes: MOTORCYCLES, motorcycle protests, giving hugs so big she picks the other person up, raves, shoes that make her taller than she actually is, string lights, her motorcycle, trashy music, big cats, Sean

Dislikes: Silence, rooms with less than two people in it, being alone with her thoughts, the night (if she's not at a rave or riding through the deserts on her motorcycle)

Who actually makes the toy weasel ball? Ive seen them at flea markets. I always thought they were real.