In traditional Scandinavian folklore, the Kyrkogrim is generally known as a reanimated animal (also traditionally known as being either a dog, horse, sow, sheep) that protects Churches. However, in Hemsjuk, the Kyrkogrim contains much more complex rules and explainations.

Remember when people thought sheep grew out of the ground? Well, they were right...

Kyrkogrim are tied to the planets rather than any sort of Church. Really, any astronomically aligned building (like a Christian chapel) would do. This explains why the kyrkogrim change "form" every equinox and solstice. On the Autumn equinox (Höstdagjämning in Swedish), the kyrkogrim drink "kykeon" and fast for nine days like the Greater Mysteries in ancient Greece.

Kyrkogrim formation is a process that involves separating the three bodies they have, the material, the vegetable, and the animal bodies. Once placing the animal under the foundation of the chapel, the planets begin to work as initiates, removing the vegetable body and reworking it, molding it into a form that is capable of perceiving higher worlds, then placing it back into the physical body. When the being comes out from under the foundation, they can live out their existance with a much higher form of life. This practice can be tracked down to ancient Egypt.