Name(s): Baruška and Barunka

Age: At least 300 years old

Gender: Female, She/her, cis

Birthday: Unknown

Species: Tan Rabbit

Nationality: Bohemian/Czech

Born in: Plzeň, Bohemia

Lives in: Mikasi, Nebraska

Relatives: Lawley Hweizda (distant nephew)

Languages: Knaanic, Czech

Disabilities: Unknown

Found on the Hweizda's cunicologist farm in the 1700s, Baruška and Barunka is a two-headed rabbit that was believed to be a sign of god. Similar to the Hebrew letter Aleph, one of the rabbits heads represented a divine realm and the other, an earthly realm. Lawley's ancestors seeled the two-headed rabbit inside a copper-plated box and placed a small copper statue of a humanoid, two headed rabbit lady, which looks a lot like the present day Baruška and Barunka on the left, on top of the box. Copper was important in this process because it is the metal of venus which represents fertility and rabbits also represent fertility. This copper box and statue is very special to Lawley's mother, Rayna. Rayna believes she can "communicate" with Baruška and Barunka, although never talking to her the way Lawley talks to her. She puts the statue in Lawley's room to "watch him" while shes away on a brief emergency trip back to the Czech Republic to care for Lawley's grandmother.

Likes: Sleeping (sleeps a lot because she gets headaches often due to having one heart that is supporting two brains), carrying Lawley around like a baby (always wanted a baby of her own), swimming, being painted, being brushed, BEING SHOWERED even though it is a pain and her fur often clogs the drains, spending time with Lawley (which is a little shocking because she did not really like Lawley a whole lot at first), build-a-bear workshop

Dislikes: Having to give Lawley space either for his personal life or having Sean over or work etc etc etc..., Nebraska, overhearing Lawley have conversations with Sean, SEAN, getting woken up from a nap, truckers, motorcyclists (thinks they are noisy), thunderstorms, the wooden floor or the wooden stairs (scared of), American television