Lugnsteel Dreamlog

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I do believe dreams have meanings. I do warn you that some of these are kind of graphic. Might I add that some dreams described did happen before this website was created, and these obviously arent the only dreams I've had, rather the ones I find the most important.

✶ 6 September, 2022 - I was able to find a lot of missing information on my great grandmother's homeland and I was able to see the original flag of Bohemia. The flag of Bohemia was originally this very solid dark green flag with a white star wave horizontally in the middle.

✶ 29 August, 2022 - Sean transferred to my school and was bullying me. I was sitting down at a table and suddenly he shoved my head down while passing me and then sat down next to me. I asked him why he did that and he said “I had to see if you liked that”. Then I get really mad and start asking him if he really meant to hurt me and he just stared at me all guilty. I remember walking around my school trying to look for him and apologize for yelling at him.

✶ 9 August, 2022 - I was in Nebraska, eating at a diner with Sean and Evan (maybe I was Lawley in this dream?). The diner had a very "damp" aura and there were a bunch of people, really interesting looking. I remember a very large woman who had a terrible sunburn and holding a very large baby over her shoulder. There was a man wearing a baseball cap and a grey shirt with the sleeves very messily cut off and he had glasses and not a lot of teeth. More and more people just flow into this diner and I get so scared I try and hide under the table but Sean is trying to make me laugh and sit in my seat again. His smile was very big I thought his face would rip. I woke up shortly after I make it completely under the table

✶ 7 August, 2022 - I was bathing in a quarry or some very grey water. I was with someone else but I didnt see their face.

✶ Sometime at the end of July, 2022 - A very weird Crimehouse animation came out by someone else (?) I didn't remember making it. It was very saturated yet muddy at the same time. It also had lineless animation. Sean was in someone's house and hiding behind their couch. He was turning into a wolf every other second. Suddenly the screen clips to a dead body at the bottom of a closet (there was no blood but it was drawn very scarily anyways). Also there was no music but for dead sound so honestly it scared me quite a bit lol.

✶ 21 July, 2022 - I was in a roofless, red car with Sean and his resurrected parents (I didn't know he could do that). The sky was a creamy sort of orange. Sean's eyes were all red and he had a bazooka and was trying to blow up the car in front of us (that I assume was driven by Denver). Sean was screaming a lot and screamed something along the lines of "I hope you know I had my parents resurrected". It was actually an animated dream and had very wonderful smooth animation.

✶ 30 June, 2022 - My parents and I "moved back" to Sweden, or at least some old neighborhood I remembered. Everything was really bright, fake looking, and had a sparkly sort-of vigenette? Like do you know the Sprout childrens television program? It looked like a show from there. Anyways, I was in the yard playing with this telescope (?) that had moomin on it (because... you know... Sweden...). I got up from the grass and began looking for my parents but only found a man who said something along the lines of "You cant undo it". I didnt know what that meant so I just kept walking and playing with all of these strange Swedish childrens toys.

✶ 2 June, 2022 - A new pokémon came out, but it just had symbols for names but it was SO CUTE.

✶ 28 May, 2022 - They made tetris in a box and on the cover it said, "With little bits of (friends name) in it".

✶ Mid May, 2022 (lost the actual date) - I had a dream I was walking through what looked like a town in Vermont or Denver. Everything was really bright and there were bubbles flying everywhere. I was walking with my friend up to some strange machine and then I turned around and saw the Judgement Boy casually moving down the street. Like, casually.

✶ 4 May, 2022 - I had a dream where my sibling took me to visit MY grave, and there was a huge statue of the Judgement Boy in the graveyard. I was more interested in the statue of the Judgement Boy than my own (implied) death.

✶ 2 April, 2022 - I had a robot that was powered off of sand.

✶ 15 February, 2022 - Judgement Gold from Gregory Horror Show was transfem canonically.

✶ 27 December, 2021 - My ocs and I (from what I remember, Dan and Sean were there but there were more than that) were on the countryside near a large lake. Suddenly a bomb siren went off and my ocs and I had to run down into a bomb shelter.

✶ 23 December, 2021 - My family was staying at a rental house for a vacation. I was messing around with the television in my siblings room and all of a sudden it started playing really terrifying clips of people dying, like actual footage of people getting blown up. It had the camera quality of security camera footage so it felt really real. The more I changed the channel to get away, the worse the footage got. There was then a news report about a missing girl who had bloody gums and scary eyes and drawing all over her face. Then there was a video of a pine tree on a snowy hill being suddenly shot out of the ground with a huge rush of blood coming out from underneath it. Luckily, my mom in the dream came into the room and handed me a VHS copy of The Fox and Hound movie, and told me to watch it instead.

✶ 12 December, 2021 - I had two dreams AGAIN. One, where they made a Cheburashka techdeck, the other, where there was a black hole in my siblings room that sounded watery and scary.

✶ 4 December, 2021 - I had two dreams. One, where I was walking around a charity shop that looked like the old fitness room at my old school, where I bought a large doraemon plush. The second dream I had was where I was walking around a store with a baby that was very fluffy and alien-like, and the speakers played a song that was something like "I take my baby to the storreeee". While I turned the corner, I saw my ocs Sean and Evan cussing each other out over a skateboard, which is very in character.

✶ 18 November, 2021 - I had a dream about the Alex G concert I was going to the next night. It was fun but not as fun as the REAL concert.

✶ 31 October, 2021 - I was on an island with my family and we were swimming in the ocean. As I was swimming, I turned into a stingray creature! Suddenly a cute boy picked me up from the water and held me in his hands and said something along the lines of "Do you want to come for dinner tonight?" and then the dream ended. I was so sad because that was like the best dream Ive ever had.

✶ 3 October, 2021 - I was shot several times in the head by Sean. I fell down to the floor of a very dingy room and he stood over me and smiled the most terrifying smile ever. I woke up with a headache.

✶ 8 September, 2021 - I had a dream where my homeroom teacher asked me to describe myself and so I did and I described myself as "a deer who fell under a sheet of ice and crawled out of 666. Dont tell anyone because thats why Im like this".

✶ 9 September, 2021 - In this universe, you could sell the languages you learned in return for being in love with someone.

✶ 16 June, 2021 - I was sitting outside in the woods with this boy and I couldnt quite see his face but he wasn't someone I know/knew in real life. We were surrounded by chickens in this dream because my parents owned chickens. We were talking about my neighbor when I suddenly said, "It doesnt matter. He is going to die in six years anyway". I woke up shortly after this.

✶ 13 May, 2021 - I was at my old therapist's office and suddenly I got up to go into the unisex bathroom (thankfully just to check how I looked) when this strange creature came into the unisex bathroom. They had a very ☻ face and the mane of a lion. I remember getting really violent at that moment and I kept screaming at them to leave me alone but all they did was stand there like ☻. I eventually got so mad I pushed through them and ran into the front office and started throwing rocks at the windows. I got kicked out and was forced to walk in a wet dark field until I woke up.