♪Alex Gs newest release as of 23 September, 2022

God Save The Animals

Alex G is an American artist who has published 9 albums, and many more unreleased albums that can be found on youtube and bandcamp. Much of Alex Gs work bounces off of different genres, from goth to country to rock to heavily avant-garde with his use of heavy voice modulation and audio distortion.

(I have been a very passionate Alex G fan since I was 12, and have been keeping up with his music ever since. I have been to one of his concerts before and it was one of the greatest nights in my life. I remember when House of Sugar came out in 2019, but I never wrote a review on it or on any album before so I decided I would just start with his new album. Keep in mind I am in no way a professional in writing album reviews but I love writing about music, so please take this with a grain of salt if needed).

⋆Track one: After All

This is the first track on God Save the Animals. It is a very mellow song, which is always a good way to start the album. I like how the piano carries out, and the voice modulation feels just right for the vibration of the song. Overall a good, soft, boyish-sounding song.

⋆Track two: Runner

This song released long before the album had, and I had seen it live on the television when Alex had performed on the Tonight Show. This song is such a beautifully composed song that doesnt rely on the use of voice modulation, which is refreshing because I enjoy hearing Alexs natural voice. The piano again, carries the song, and I especially like how the piano gets a bit of a solo at 1:15 and 2:15. Lyrically of course, the song is beautiful. Runner is certainly one of the most memorable songs on the album.

⋆Track three: Mission

Another song that is very memorable and a bit of an earworm. I like how doesnt rely on voice modulation either, and actually has a section that is sung live like the song Sugarhouse from the House of Sugar album. I absolutely love Molly Germers vocals in this, and how much they harmonize with the piano. Like the previous song, the lyrics are really well written, again, specifically Molly Germers part, because, like songs like Bobby from the Rocket Album, this song seems to illustrate a story between two people as resembled by both vocals. Overall, Mission is a wonderful song that has a very childish/ boyish harmony that makes it an ear worm.

⋆Track four: S.D.O.S

Probably one of my favorite, if not my overall favorite song from this album. The first thing I noticed from this song was not only the very catchy beat, but also the use of rhyth sticks and bongos, as well as other digital noises that actually contribute a lot to the song. The song is very voice modulation centered, but the heavy distortion of the voice is what makes this specific song so good. It sounds so dark and heavy, and the dark and heavy, almost demonic sounding voice modulation pairs really well. The lyrics are quite haunting as well. I like the piano, and its at this point when I realise that the album is very piano heavy. I think this song is more experimental than of the drain genre, also I will admit that the vocals at 2:02 are very similar. This is one of my favorite songs in the album and I aim for my existence to sound like this very song.

⋆Track five: No Bitterness

This song definitely reminds me of the song Bad Man from the House of Sugar album, and shares a similar a very similar beat. It starts off sounding like a live recording but transitions into a very synthetic sounding collection of drums, guitar, and piano. I would be lying if I said I like every song on this album. This isnt my favorite song on the album, but I think it would sound really good at a live concert. I like how it transitions into a very breakbeat solo where the voice modulation isnt as intense. In fact, I think the only takeaway from this song is the use of voice modulation, because I think the song would have been better without it entirely. Overall its pretty good and but not exactly my favorite song on the album. Then again I thought this about a few songs before suddenly becoming obsessed with them so you never know, I could warm up to it after a while

⋆Track six: Aint It Easy

Another very lyrically strong song that tells a story. It doesnt quite remind me of the House of Sugar album like most of the other songs had. I actually think this song sounds a little more like it belongs in the DSU album, an album that is very electronic and relies heavily on the distortion of sound. It sounds actually quite similar to the song Rejoice from DSU. This song doesnt quite distort instruments, but it seems to use a heavy distortion of voice for the second half of the song as well as the use of whispering, which had also been used in the song Runner. Also what makes this song unique is the use of electronic guitar that sounds a lot like the guitar used in the DSU album. This song is probably another one of my favorites in this album, because I really like the story illustrated and of how similar it is to the music in DSU. Edit: yeah im now obsessed with this song

⋆Track seven: Cross The Sea

Like the song Runner, this song released before the entire album came out. Ive been obsessed with the music video ever since it came out. Both the song and the music video are just fun and lighthearted songs about loving and protecting someone. I wish I could articulate the reason why I like this song so much without bringing up the music video but I dont really know how. It has a great beat and I like how heavy the voice distortion is. It is such an earworm honestly, and I love how experimental it sounds. Overall it is such a fun song that makes me want to go on a run in the mountains on a sunny day. Such a great song that has been on repeat for a while lol.

⋆Track eight: Blessing

This is the last song to release before the entire album did. I first time I had listened to it, I had been more focused on the music video and the absurdity of it. The second time I listened to it, I was more focused on the music and the vocals. I am not a huge fan of the whispering, nor am I a fan of the occasional HUAGH noise. The instrumental, however, is really well done and I love the parts that use the 16-bit synthesizer. Lyrically this song is extremely powerful and I would honestly get a verse tattooed on me. The only takeaway from this song is the use of whispering, which might actually grow on me, you never know. This review is written the day of the albums release so there is a large chance that any song that might not be my favorite right now will probably grow on me a lot.

⋆Track nine: Early Morning Blessing

Another song that takes after the beauty of House Of Sugar. This is probably one of my favorite songs in the album because of the lyrics and the use of piano changing chords every so often. I also like the subtle violin. Its a very mellow sounding song, like the song After All. The use of the synthetic keyboard reminds me of the song Sugarhouse by Alex G. This song doesnt use much voice distorion or instrument distortion, overall leaving you with a sort of feeling of refreshment. That is really what this song feels like; refreshment.

⋆Track ten: Immunity

This is another song that sounds like it should be in the DSU album because of the distortion in the vocals, but the piano instrumental reminds me of the Rocket Album, like the song Sportstar, which shares this songs use of heavy heavy vocal autotune as well as natural elements like piano and drums. I like how the song changes chords every so often like Early Morning Blessing does. This is another song that does really well on its instrumental, but is sort of overshadowed by the very explicit use of vocal distortion. I like the lyrics and there arent any moments in the song where I part become bored because there is always something to focus on in this song and thats what matters. Its overall very captivating and catchy.

⋆Track eleven: Headroom Piano

Ohhh this is such a catchy song. I love love love the instrumental, which this song is very heavy in. This song contains a very short amount of vocals, which are distorted and strewn pretty appropriately throughout the song. I really love the use of electronic guitar, either it be distorted or natural. Overall a very organized and direct song that is also quite complex at the same time. Probably another one of my favorites in this album.

⋆Track twelve: Miracles

SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG THAT MADE ME REALLY TEARY... THE PART WHERE HE SINGS ABOUT A BABY... I was so happy to see elements of country come into this song. I love it when the fiddle breaks out. This song sounds a little like it should belong in the House of Sugar album, but its also really special in its own way. It sounds a little like a sequel to the song Powerful Man from Alex Gs Rocket album. It has to be my favorite song on the album, honestly. It is so beautiful and natural sounding and RAHHH I love the use of the fiddle. Damn. So beautiful Alex G you really outdid yourself once again.

⋆Track thirteen: Forgive

GOD ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL REAL SOUNDING SONG... You can really hear the emotion in Alex Gs voice here. I love it so much it makes me want to run in the fields or ride in the back of a truck across the countryside. Honestly, coming from someone who grew up on the countryside and therefore had a lot of boyish memories of playing with big dogs and watching cars etc, Alex Gs country music means a lot to me. It feels like part of my childhood, like if someone was recording what my upbringing sounded like, it would probably sound like this song or the song Rocket, also by Alex G.

Honestly, at first I was a little worried about this album, but now Ive realized that God Save The Animals is very much its own beautiful, avent-garde work of art. Honestly this album was really really good and is for sure all going on my playlists. There wasnt even a song I particularly disliked because I feel like they all sounded really thought out and complete, like there was something good about every song in this album. Amazing work Alex G, I am so glad I ordered the exclusive vinyl and cassette because Im going to be replaying this album a lot.