This is not all of my art of the Hemsjuk characters, since the series has existed since 2018, but rather a collection of my favorite Hemsjuk art from the past year

Special art featuring (starting on red and moving clockwise) Lily (Hemsjuk), Baruška and Barunka (Crimehouse), Sean (Crimehouse), Simcha (Crimehouse), Harpy (Hemsjuk), Minette (Hemsjuk), Mnêmosynê (Hemsjuk), Engel (Hemsjuk), Killing (Hemsjuk), Gnocchi (?), Sökarljus (Hemsjuk), Là'da (Crimehouse), Top Bet (Crimehouse), and finally Carnation, who is featured on the log and links page buttons.

a redraw of the last supper featuring characters from both Hemsjuk and Crimehouse