The Highway Coyotes, formally referred to as the “Salvation of the Sinkhole Children” are a group of mutineers living out in an RV in a desert in Colorado. The name of the SSC is pretty self explanatory. They search for fellow members of the Child Sinkhole via Ebay listings and Talkomatic. They aim to reveal the crimes of the Document highway through acts of domestic terrorism.

In order from left to right, Diego, Yul, Kang, Lawley, Joshua, Eric, Sean


The main Highway coyote is Diego Pacheco. He is missing his hand due to an infection inflicted by fighting at the Child Sinkhole. He is relatively normal, and one wouldn’t suspect anything strange about him if he wasn’t the leader of a small terrorist organization. He nick named the SSC , “The Highway Coyotes” after his great-grandparent’s home borough, Coyoacán, Mexico, which translates to “the home of coyotes”. He becomes quick friends with Sean via talk-o-matic, and asks him to drive out through Colorado to meet them. He also requests he bring Lawley, after hearing plenty about him through the computer.


The “Second in command” Highway Coyote is Kang Kaiser. Kang had also suffered a lot from the Child Sinkhole, but probably inflicts more damage on himself than any form of fighting could. He is severely addicted to Heroin, and has visually lost hair because of it. He is also addicted to kratom. He is much smaller than most of the highway coyotes due to his rapid drug-induced weight loss, yet is respected due to his superior ruthlessness.


Joshua Armstrong, Eric Gregory, and Yul Blatnik are the remaining three members of the SCC. Nothing about these members rules them any scarier than any other member. They were also part of the Child Sinkhole, and have been driven away from their homes in Nebraska to find refuge in the American deserts. Joshua is mean, Eric is quiet, and Yul is southern. Nobody knows why Yul is southern, or that him and Lawley are second cousins. Its something unimportant and never discussed.

Sean introducing Lawley to the Highway Coyotes

The RV the highway coyotes live in is no bigger, nor better than the hole of a prarie dog. It was like someone had shrunk a room to a quarter of its size but the objects and people in it in it had maintained their original shape. It was hard to believe, if you lived a nice life yourself, that anyone would live out here, but they did, out in the desert, like a pendulum swinging back and fourth, just waiting for the friction of the rope to slow their lives to a stop.

“Lawley. I’m have to talk to these guys about something- work stuff. You wouldn’t like it”, Sean said, “Go outside and feed the birds”.