Crimehouse follows a very similar narrative to the old testament, specifically in Genesis where the world was created. In Genesis 1:1, God created the world in 6 days- including one day of rest. In Crimehouse, these six days are characterized by the periods of the Hadean eon. Day one came the coalescing of earth, day two came the presence of water, day three came the formation of the moon, day four came the core accretion, day five came the magnetic fields, and day six came the late bombardment stage. On day seven, came Sabbath- the day of rest. God then exploded into 22 pieces and fell onto the surface of the earth.

These 22 pieces are the Hebrew consonants. For many years, they roamed earth looking for each other. When they were all reunited, they lived on the land of Canaan until Abraham migrated over. The Consonants made a covenant with him as God had made a covenant with him in the original old testament- promising the land to all of Abraham’s people (Muslims, Jews, and Christains).